30 January 2009

Friday's London News
from Madeline

I bought Thandi a couple of interactive toys at Christmas, to keep her occupied on these long dark evenings. Except they don’t! This one is way too easy for her. I get it out from time to time, and she always attacks it with relish – but the game is over too soon. Can anyone suggest more challenging activities for nights in?

The sunshine has been very welcome this week. It’s cold, but at least you feel more cheerful. We’ve had some good long walks. Today we walked to Waterlow Park in Highgate: it was given to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow (one time Lord Mayor of London) in 1889 as a ‘garden for the gardenless’ which I think is a lovely idea. Its quiet there at this time of the year, and so good for walking and chasing activities (although I have to watch out for fox poo, as ever). I don’t go there much in the summer; on sunny days its littered with people lying on the grass, who don’t want dogs running near them, and children who want to stroke the ‘nice doggy’. I prefer it full of dog walkers, runners and older people exercising (like me!) Definitely turning into a grumpy old woman!
This is another picture taken in Highgate Woods, one of our favourite walks.

Thank you Madeline, I saw these interactive dog toys advertised over Christmas and wondered what they were like, obviously far too easy for the bedlington! Thandi looks like she is in the middle of nowhere in this photo, you would never think the middle of London!


enid said...

Do they have to press the correct button for a treat to fall out?

Madeline said...

They remove the centre shapes by biffing them, and have to slide the side ones. Thandi uses paws and nose. Only small treats underneath, Mo, honest!

big mo said...

Well she is not so dull, Madaline not bad for a Diva, great photos, you are getting quite a little snapper,keep it up.

big mo said...

Love the cushon where did you get that ?

Madeline said...

Big Mo - the cushion was a gift for Thandi from Craigie Aitcheson. He came for drinks on the terrace at the Palace of Varieties with Vera after Zack was 'Westminster Dog of the Year'; I showed him photos of the then six week old Thandi just before I collected her from Mo, and afterwards he sent us both these lovely cushions.