28 January 2009

Good morning from the Northeast

Photo is from Billy, Pie is going out to catch a badger

And the winner is........... sorry I'm going to make you wait until the end of my natter.Thank you all for all of the entries some great names Ken has had a hard job as they are all great. I have written them all down with no names. How is the weather where you are? Not too bad in the Northeast we have been able to have a couple of trips to the beach which the dogs love. Piper just heads in and loves jumping about getting as wet as she can Whisper just looks at the sea like to say you are not getting me in there! Ring craft Tuesday night and you can tell crufts is on the way as it getting very busy Mark and Jan with T and V both doing very well V is growing everyday. With Whisper and Piper it is my last week at ring craft for 3 weeks as I have to work till 8pm every Tuesday but will keep the training going at home. I have question Piper has taken to barking at anything that moves she is 17 months now, will she grow out of this? There are a few shows in the Northeast this weekend I'm not going but will let you all know the results so good luck if you are showing . Thankvyou so much Julie
Second is Bluwolf
Third is Blufeury
Thank you Julie and congratulations to Viv for her winning name!
Barking can be a real problem become a habit and difficult to stop with normal commands Whatever the dog is barking at becomes far more interesting than your commands and your praise they will totally ignore you. As a last resort the anti- bark spray collars that use just a puff of air are successful and should cure the problem. Just a puff of air under the chin operated by a control panel in your hand is certainly not cruel. All these devices do is puff a little forced air to distract a dog's attention. When the dog barks give your usual command to STOP, if it ignores you, give a little puff of air. When the dog stops lots of praise!!! Always give the first option to stop with a command and then lots of praise!!!! These spray collars are NOT like the electric shock collars which should be banned! Like most dog training positive reinforcement works, lots of praise when the dog obeys your command. Remember the spray collar is just a training aid and once the dog learns to obey the command the collar can go back in the box. Excessive, shouting screaming and punishment will not cure an excessive barker, the dog will learn to disobey commands and it can alienate the bond between the handler and dog.


J&T said...

Hey someone else with a bedlington with premature terrible 2oooos. Maya has hit that stage, when we take her out she roars around barking at everything, (most of it invisible or imaginary!) All mine apart from Nesta have been through this and yes they do grow out of it.........EVENTUALLY!!!!!!!!!
Jane xxx

big mo said...

Well done to Viv good choice,

Lesley 2 said...

I do agree with you Jane they are young and everthing is new and exciting and they need to experience all the world has to offer and have a chance to grow up. My dogs bark at people who frequently pass down a footpath in the garden. They always pack and bark. Luckily I have no neighbours! Parker is well trained achieved his Gold Good Citizen award yet I had to resort to a spray collar with Parker at agility training to stop him from running off after other dogs. He would not listen to me he ran off in between jumps to the nearest dog then did the zoomies so I could not catch him, the more folk laughed who were watching the naughtier he became! But thankfully he now stays with me during training and he is well behaved and really enjoys his agility. I was at my wits end with Parker as I was worried he would run off meet strange male dog and start fighting!
Persistant barking in an adult dog can become a habit if allowed to develop and may annoy neighbours, this must not be allowed to happen, we have already heard of the poor bedlington that was shot reportably form early morning barking! Spray collars if used correctly (only as a last resort) are fine if used PROPERLY. They are just a training aid disstraction that will be used for a very short time to reinforce commands when a dog totally refuses to listen! Teaching dissobedience by reapting commands over and over again and the dog not listening is not the answer!

mel said...

Great name now all you need is the kennel club to accept it! after the amount of names we all thought up they must accept one! hopefully!!! haha

e.tuck said...

Good choice with the name - I liked it as soon as I read it.

Keep reminding me that the terrible two's is just a blip - Lily is a minx at the moment and I need to know it's going to end soon!!!! Otherwise she may end up as a bedlington blogg prize!!! (I'm feeling like this as I have just had to clean her up after another marathon hole digging session at the bottom of the garden - it's faintly amusing when she digs in sand - not in the wet black stuff- not an inch of coat/head was unscathed. I also have a minimalist house - leave anything lying and it's fair game.

Trish said...

Congradulations Viv, great name.

Yipes!! My Amelia is coming up on 16 months & after 30 years of bedlingtons I didn't know about the terrible 2's...

Donna said...

i have used a squirty bottle of water for mine it worked a treat.

i know two dogs which have those metal prongs against their throats, its just awfull.

tony waller said...

Congratulations to viv, what a coincidence the names of my two dog's are there JUKE N' BLUE

big mo said...

well you should have thought of Tony we are getting slow.

Donna said...

what has been used on miss pies coat?

billy said...

hi donna,it was black hair spray i got out of a fancy dress shop and masking tape.
JUKENBLU has a nice ring to it Julie

Polly said...

Well Done Viv - good name that.

Re Barking.

I've dealt with this in 2 ways. Outdoors
If they bark in the garden, Piper would bark at a cat in the next country, Phoebe will bark if she hears people, I get them in immediately, they soon learn that being noisy stops the fun. They do need reminding sometimes but are quiet on the whole.
I've already trained Pi to bark on command and she's quiet in the house. I'm now teaching Phoebe and Lola to bark on command. Lola's learning fast, but Phoebe's pretending to be 'fick'or 'blonde' and taking a bit longer, but we will get there. Already they listen better/quicker when we get visitors, no more 'Hounds of Hell'

tony waller said...

JUKENBLUE! The more you hear it the better it sounds.