28 January 2009

Can you give us a loving new home?
Teddy is a neuteured male Bedlington Terrier cross. Teddy (previously known as dandy) is back looking for a special new home. He is not suitable to live with children, and would probably be best in a home that does not have visiting children either. He would prefer to be the only dog in the household.
Are't they just gorgeous!!!!!

Gizmo is a 13 month old lively Yorkshire Terrier cross Bedlington Terrier. He is a small black dog with white hairs mixed in. He is looking for a new home as his current owner does not have the time to look after him and give him the exercise he needs.
For more information on these rescues click here
Thank you to Rebecca Eaves for the rescue news and to everyone who has kindly heped to put a few photos in my pictures box. We also have a couple of "where Are we now" photos. Many thanks for coming to the rescue!

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