26 January 2009

Monday and junior handler day we say hello to Victoria

On Monday Jack went to obedience training, Jack was very good at heel work and recall. He was also quite good at weaving through other dogs. Jack's stay was quite good but we are making him stay in the stand, which he hasn't really done before. I am staying quite close to Jack(only moving a couple of steps away from Jack.) Jack is constantly improving at the stand stay and hopefully soon I will be standing 5 paces away from him. My Dad might take him for obedience training next week, as he is usually playing me up waiting for the next exercise.
At agility, Ed came along to watch. Jack was quite good but on the last hurdle Jack spotted Ed and my Dad and went to say hello. On the second run my Dad and Ed moved over a bit. Jack behaved much better but he piddled on the A-frame...again! My Dad is going to make me some weave poles as that seems to be the thing that Jack needs to practice on most. on Thursday all the local schools are going to a dance festival. I am doing a contemporary dance with a group of about 20 other girls from our school. I think Naomi is also dancing for her school.so hopefully we will meet up there!
we are really looking forward to the fun day. If it is anything like the last one it will be great.I can't wait to see all the puppies and bedlingtons out there and hopefully meet a few more bloggers. Good luck to those with puppies and those showing
lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles xx
Thanks Victoria, lovely photo, keep it safe as it would make a good entry into the BTA calendar competition. You are right about the weave poles these take much longer to get right than any other equipment. Good luck at your dance festival, perhaps someone from school could video it and upload to Utube and we could all see the performance!


big mo said...

Yes I would love to see the dance video.

Tina W said...

Me too,I used to love dancing.

Trish said...

I love this photo of Jack, he looks wonderful.

mel said...

Goodluck with you dancing!!! jack looks very nice on that pic!!!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

We used to do sword dancing at our school.