22 January 2009

News From The North East

Good morning from the North East
Well the puppies in the North East just keep on getting more and more I feel a little left out!! With Mel's new little girl can I just say with a great name, also V and Mabel and William can't wait to see them all coming on and taking the ring by storm .Ring craft on Tuesday back at the old place and the bedlington corner back to full force with Mel myself and Mark and Jan. It was great to see V who I have to say is a natural and loves showing off giving the older dog hell. Mind you T didn't mind any of the bedlingtons to be close to her but when Scooby the pug came to say hello T was very quick to get between him and V, I recon body guard on a mission. I spoke to Billy last night who informed me that Minnie the minks has been unwell she is on the mend after some TLC and a trip to the vets so get well soon Minnie. I am loving the "where are we" pictures Billy, Derek and Martin are to good for me but do keep them coming I might just get one but don't hold your Breath.
Thanks Julie, lots of puppies to play with up there, it must be great to see them all at ring craft. Once Mel's puppy Joins the group perhaps we can have a group blog puppy photo! Talking about photos that is a terrific one you sent in this week. Keep it safe for the BTA calendar competition.
Talking about calendars The BTA will be having another photographic competition this spring for the 2010 calendar, I am in contact with a new printing firm and hope to have a new more up to date design for the 2010 calendar.
All the calendar money from last year won't be in until after Crufts as Judy has kept some calendars back for the BTA stand, mainly for the foreign visitors. We hope to have raised about £1000 once all the money has been collected. I will let you know the final sum as soon as I can. I am going to ask the recipients of the money to write to the BTA to let the club know about the dogs the money has helped. I do feel feedback is important, it wil be great to see photos and hear about the dogs that have benefited. It is important to update everyone who kindly contributed last year.


Tina W said...

Sounds like Beddies are taking over your ring craft!

big mo said...

we will have to have a photo of ring craft with all those puppies.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

I think everyone has got the wrong end of the stick, theres only a couple of puppies (bedlingtons) at the Redcar ringcraft at present, 'T' who is now 8 months & 'V' whos first visit it was this week.

Sue and Liza said...

Aye, we're too far away, otherwise Mabel would be down there causing a riot!