23 January 2009

Not to be missed if you live or visiting near Wolverhampton!

Teddy the new rookie gardener checking out the water feature!
We open the garden for The national Gardens Scheme, all monies raised going to Macmillan Nurses, (we-NGS, are now the biggest money raiser for Mac Nurses), Marie Curie Cancer Care, etc.. So far we have raised 15,000 pounds, just from our small garden and this year we shall have, amongst other new attractions, our new gardener,Ted. Hope some of your readers will come along to one of the openings. If you think they might be interested, I can drop you a leaflet in the post. We can use the publicity! Kind regards, Bob and Greg .

Bob and Greg how fantastic! The knowledge, work, commitment and dedication to get your garden to the standard for the National Gardens Scheme is amazing. It makes is all so worth while in raising such a huge sum of money! I hope your new young gardener Ted doesn't have too many different ideas on garden design!!!!
Please send me a brochure for the blog.


e.tuck said...

Good luck with your opening and fundraisng.

Hi Ted - you look very handsome and from past experience I can almost gaurentee you are going to have a career in garden re-design.

Mac and Lily are experts at it - hardly a vedge seedling left standing last year (she was only a wee pup at the time so let's hope this year is better)

And somewhere in the archives I think there may be a photo of a mischevious carrot stealer - was it Ralphie??

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

aaaw all these photos of growing puppies makes me want another bedlington more than ever!

ed and rebecca said...

Yep that was Ralphie.He's been known to steal strawberries (green and red ) off of the plants, as well as tomatoes!He's never dug up a plant only carrots, maybe he'll begin this year!

Lesley 2 said...

Thankyou so much for the publicity for the garden. We raised a total of £4,042.65 last year for the charities and had 1,203 visitors through. On one evening alone we had 350 visitors through and raised 1,141 pounds in 3 hours and the garden is only 75 feet by 20 feet! We do all homemade cakes and canapes for the evening with wine and the garden is lit by over a thousand lights, including chandeliers in the trees.
I have put you a leaflet in the post. Hope you can do something with it! By the way, all the refreshment monies go to PAWS a local charity who re home dogs and cats. Last year it came to nearly 700 pounds.
Kind regards,
Bob and Greg.

big mo said...

What a great thing you are doing, I am sure the bedlington will add to the atractions.

Tina W said...

You are doing a fantastic job-well done.

J&T said...

Yes please Lesley, put details of the open days/evenings on. We would love to vsit and maybe meet Teddie.
Jane xxx

Lesley 2 said...

The leaflet is in the post!

Sally said...

count us in too!!