19 January 2009

Monday and it is young handlers day and we say hello to Victoria

on Monday Jack went to obedience classes, he was a very good boy until I told him off (he barked at a dog) Jack then sulked and would play with the trainer but not me!
On Tuesday we took Pat,Leo and Larry to agility with us. we arrived a bit early and went into the smaller dogs class.(the class we are usually in had border collies and Labradors.) Jack was a very good boy but on the last course he piddled on the A frame. Jack was a bit slow but for the first time in a few weeks Jack was good. Jack is also learning to 'hold' at the contact points!
On Friday I had a sleep over with my friends. Jack had a lot of fun with them and wouldn't stop squeaking his toys until we went to sleep (around one in the morning.) On Sunday my Granddad came up with his rescued shitzu, Chichi. we are not sure how old he is,but we think he is about 18 months. He had been in kennels for sometime and was a ball of fluff. My dad clipped it all of as it was very hard to brush. Under the hair Chichi is a VERY handsome puppy. Surprisingly Chichi is probably better behaved on the table than Jack!
see you soon love Victoria and jack Bojangles.
Thank you Victoria, what a busy weekend, getting out of bed for school this morning was probably not easy. Perhaps next time Chichi comes to visit Dad will take a photo. Jack's agility is coming along nicely, it is always good to teach the dogs to stop on the contact points. Don't over do the training at class make sure Jack is having fun, play with him in between runs. Speed is important when it comes to competition. We will run a competition at the Fund Day, you now have something to work towards!


Tina W said...

Sounds like you had a good time with your friends on your sleep over and that Jack enjoyed it too-looking forward to a photo of Chichi.

big mo said...

Gosh dont bedlingtons sulk>

enid said...

Can't wait for the Fun Day to see Jack on the agility course!

Sue and Liza said...

You have been busy Victoria! Yes, Beddies can be quite expert at sulking can't they? Sounds like Jack is doing really well at agility.

ed and rebecca said...

Well done Victoria, you're putting us to shame with all that practice! Ralphie did some agility for the first time in ages on Saturday, he was a bit rusty so we need to get in a lot of training for the fun day.