19 January 2009

Our rescue Zac had his 14th birthday party yesterday. Here he is waiting to tuck into the blog birthday pork pie!

Birthday Boy thinks he's being tortured, by being made to sit on a slippery chair. His friends look on in sympathy!

But they had their pork pies - Maisie ( a rescue friend of Zack's), Zack and Thandi. Not easy getting them all to sit still at the same time!

Zack with Vera cutting his cake - which I have inadvertently cut off the photo! I'm afraid it was a gooey human cake, which we all enjoyed!

Bojen Bouchaud – aka ‘Zack’
I thought I’d write a little about Zack’s background. His KC name is ‘Bojen Bouchaud’: Julie Martindale bred him, and he had two homes before being rehomed with Vera in 1999. She will write the story of her journey to Hebden to collect him for the Rescue Hall of Fame. Suffice it to say that then he shared his home with another Bedlington, a python – and a cage of rats!
He fathered two litters before coming to Vera, and so perhaps there are some Bedlies out there who have ‘Bojen Bouchaud’ in their family tree. If so, I’d love to hear from you.
Talking of family trees, he shares two ancestors with Thandi Tombi: Foggyfurze Fenman and Foggyfurze Fifi, so they are related, albeit very distantly. Presumably this isn’t unusual for Bedlingtons. Zack’s great great grandparents are predominantly ‘Foggyfurze’ (9 out of 16, although Fenman accounts for three of these). The Bojen element begins to dominate at great grandparent level. I started to look at their family charts after talking to Steve on New Year’s Day!
Thank you Madeline, it sounded like you had a great party for dogs and humans! The hunt is on do you have a bedlington in your dog's pedigree with the name ‘Bojen Bouchaud’ We will look forward to see seeing Zac and Thandi at the fun day in May!


martin and julie said...

Happy birthday Zac from Jasper and Fosbury! 15 eh? you're looking good!

Lesley 2 said...

Sorry Martin and Julie zac is 14 another senior moment on my part!

big mo said...

Arrr lesley has a bad cold.

glad you had a good day Zack and what did your friends give you.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...


Tina W said...

Glad Zac enjoyed his party-hope he didn't have too much cake!

enid said...

Larry, Fizz and Ecco are so pleased you had pork pies!
glad you had proper cake, Madeline!

Madeline said...

Zack and Thandi are obviously missing the important 'pork pie' gene, as they are not very keen on them - but Maisie would have eaten them all, if allowed! And Mo - Zack had lots of lovely chewies and a few new toys.