24 January 2009

Ralphie wanted to go home!

Here's a photo of Ralphie taken yesterday at Minnis Bay. No sign of the wood that fell off the ship in the channel, just plenty of very cold wind. Ralphie was NOT impressed. After he got his belly wet in a puddle that was a lot deeper than he thought, he ran back to the car!
Love from Ed and Rebecca x
Thanks Ed and Becs, by the look on Ralphie's face he rather be snuggled by a warm fire than romping on the beach. I think that puddle must have given him quite a shock!


Sue and Liza said...

Poor Ralphie, you have my sympathy - I've done exactly the same thing and all my lot just laughed at me! Oh the shame of it!
love Millie xx

Tina W said...

Poor Ralphie-hope you didn't laugh.

ed and rebecca said...

yes I'm afraid we did laugh! He did get some sympathy afterwards though.

patricia said...

hello ralphie, larry and leo got taken to the cliff tops in the wind, and did not like it, leo got a nasty nip from pasha the alsatian, needless to say the air was blue blue blue, and larry tried to defend little leo. but he is ok, if a little nervy at the moment. x

ed and rebecca said...

Poor Leo! Big dog owners just don't realise how much fear their "friendly , just playing" dogs can do. They don't realise that a dog like Ralphie won't stand for being scared and will fight back. He's been attacked before and won't put up with it again. You just do what's best for your dogs and ignore any comments you get Pat. x