17 January 2009

Saturday and we hear from Marie up in Scotland

Saturday and Ginny say's, "I'm staying indoors this weather". A Guiness and surfing the net is today's only activity for Ginny today!

There's not much happening here this week. Weather has been pretty awful and its batten down the hatches tonight as we're expecting 80mph gales. So I cant even get out with the camera, but I have booked to go on a photography break to Northumberland in May (Bamburgh, etc). I'm sure the north east bloggers will be very familiar with these places. I might even manage a wee trip to Bedlington when I'm there.
Jane sent me a hilarious pic of Ginny, who decided to hijack Neil's seat at the computer. So I've sent it in for the blog.
Thanks Marie sun shinning but I don't think for long!!!!!


e.tuck said...

She's sitting there like a pro!

Marie - if you are in Northumberland long enough you could meet up with some of us local bloggers - we are faily close to where you are staying and ocssionally Ern and I walk the terrible two on Bamburgh beach - it's glorious.

Tina W said...

Looks lke she's found something really interesting.



Get yourself round the Rothbury area where the Bedlington came from, nice walks in the hills in that part.

When you go to Bedlington call in at Woodhorn Colliery Museum, you'll be able to buy a coal Bedlington sculpture there. Also Druridge Bay is good for the dogs, get your fish & chips in Amble first, lovely.

The Makems

big mo said...

thats a great picture, clever girl. but you need to top up her glass.

Marie said...

Thanks for the tips guys and gals, I'll see what I can do!