31 January 2009

Saturday and we say hello to Marie in Scotland

Cody and Briagha are both in need of clipping/grooming, as you can see from the pic this week. I plan to do this over the weekend, so maybe next week I will send the 'after' pic. They often sit on the arm of the sofa like this, so it wasn't too difficult to get them to pose for the camera. I was just thinking the other day of affectionate names that I tend to call the dogs. For instance Cody gets called mister monster, monster chops, or Codester, while Briagha is usually puppy chops, wee girlie, or pupster (even though she's a year old now). What do the blogger call theirs?

Thank you Marie, I like to see to dogs a little hairy especially in the winter. I think we all call our dogs funny names, I call Fudge "Fudgy bear" Parker is known as "Man Face" Diesel is often called "Squeezle" and Chelsea is plain old "Chels" !


Sally said...

Yeah we have nick names for ours too - collectively they are the boys - on their own - Digger is 'diggie dump' or 'mister diggs' and Drew is 'Drewbie' or 'Drewbie Drawers'!

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

we have a LOT of nicknames for jack:
bobo,boja,mr stink,mr bite,fluff pot and of course bojangles!

Madeline said...

Thandi has lots of other names too - Little Diva, Ms Fox Poo, waggy waggy, Thandi Wandy and on and on! It s enough to make a girl confused!

J&T said...

Our lot too have their alto-names:
Delphi is Dilys.
Archie is Auther, Mr Woo & Archie Parsnip.
Nesta, Nibs, Nelly & Netapesta.
Stella is Stig (of the dump!)
Maya is oten Muggles, Quagg or Mavrodoughnut!
Lol Jane xxx

Donna said...

polly - poloskie or polshkie
stuey - stooby
willow - wilsey or wuz

Marie said...

I knew wasnt alone with these weird pet names :-)
Keep em coming folks!

Tina W said...

Ellie is ellie belly wonka-or wonka
Colin is snowman the co man
Isla is rizla the sqizla.

Trish said...

My girls as a group are called "Ladybugs"....
Rose...Second Hand Rose, (I sing her the song too) Rosebud.
Greyson..Greygoose, MY Sunshine (which I also sing to her)
Willo...Wills, Willo-bedillo
Amelia...Meally....Amelia Bedila
Storey..Storey MyGlory

patricia said...

Hi Marie, lovely photo, Leo gets called lee-lee, and larry is know down the pub as lambo, or lambey. he he

Maria H said...

Rosie a.k.a Roseys, Rosie Posie, Old girl, Spotty (dalmatian)
Louie a.k.a Pooey, Poo Poos, Poos, Fluffy (CKCS)
Shaun a.k.a Shauny, Shauneys, Nutter(bedlington)

Trish said...

OOP! Forgot I also call Amelia....Lil' Miss Muffet...Snowflake...Miss Piss

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

jack has a new nickname:son of manface!

big mo said...





Donna said...

lambchop! and i do like delphi as dilys!

Donna said...
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Marie said...

It makes you wonder why we spent so much time thinking of a name for them, only to call them everything but that name :-)

e.tuck said...

Exactly Marie - after weeks of agony Lily is now Lilykins, Lilybob or Little Lil - and Mac is worse , he gets Macadoodle!!!

Lesley 2 said...

Hey Victoria
I like son of Man face, it should really be

Sue and Liza said...

Millie is Milliekins, BabyDoll, DollFace or BabyDollFace(!) and GorgeousGirl
Mabel is Squirt or Squirticus, MabelBabel, Babycakes or Sweetiekins.
Mabel was none of those things over the weekend though, as she chewed through our broadband cable leaving us without an internet connection for 3 days until I could get it sorted. I can't possibly tell you what I've been calling her since then....