18 January 2009

Sunday's letter from America
Hi everyone,
It has gotten VERY cold here in the USA, not just in Ocracoke....it was 25F when I got up today.....WAY too cold for me & for here, hopefull it won't last long. As a result the girls and I have stayed indoors. Thank goodness at least the sun is shinning, that helps. Here in the USA we have a new president about to take office on Tues.. & I think everyone is very excited about it. I know I am! Washington DC is going to be flooded by people going to the inauguration of Barack Obama. On a side note, the man the Obama's have hired to decorate the living quatrers of the White House, Michael S. Smith has a bedlington!! Her name is Lily & we saw her in an interview he did on the NBC Today Show! Can you believe it!! Maybe the Obama's will end up with a bedlington after all....although I rather not see that happen. I like the fact that they are sort of obscure and not ver popular., Due to the cold & the fact that I HATE it, I have not gotten to take photos of the village this week. It should warm up next week and I will venture out. The girls are sunning themselves in the kitchen in front of the back door, no one seems anxious to move..
I have attached a photo of my girl Greyson....she of course looks thrilled to be on the grooming table. They are so happy after their haircuts and prance around the house like they think they are really something...and of course they are. Until next week, wish for warm weather with no rain.....
Trish Palmisano, Grey, Rose, Willo, Amelia & Storey

Click on the link for the NBTC video clip

Thank you Tricia, talking about the Obama's maybe they should have a dog that does not need too much exercise or mental stimulation. Thinking about their time available they may decide to have a personal dog walker and trainer at the White House!


big mo said...

Look at me I am the special one today.

so nice to see the bedlington I wonder if it will visit the big house.

Tina W said...

She looks really smart,hope you get out and about in the sun soon.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

aaaw what a cute girl!