21 January 2009

Talking about Komodors and Bedlingtons
10 of the strangest looking dogs!!
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J&T said...

Sorry but this article had me groaning! The inaccuracies are awful. The person who wrote it would have done well to have done a little homework on the chosen breeds, espescially from their countries of origin! Is it any wonder poeple think bedlingtons are not only woolley sheep to look at but also in personality.
Jane xxx

Tina W said...

Very well said Jayne-I agree.

Animal said...

Did you read the article? "while the Bedlington may look like a timid little sheep, in the early days this breed was often used for fighting. While the Bedlington’s of today have been bred to be sweet companions, they can still hold their own if they are challenged."

Keep in mind that this article was obviously written for entertainment purposes and not an in-depth breed description.