19 January 2009

We have a new rescue to the blog his name is Barney

Barney at 6 months
Hello, came across your blog Bedlington Pictures and love it. I thought I would send some of our Bedlington Barney. He is our second rescue Bedlington. Our first was a blue called Louie and came to us with a host of behavioural and health problems (epilepsy - which eventually the Vet could not control and we had to put him down). We were devestated. However, after 2 years, fate played a hand and we were told about our lovely Barney (then Lenny) at the Chiltern's Dog Home in Buckinghamshire. We have very little history on him, we were told he was an unwanted Pet originally brought by a couple that had never owned a dog and found a puppy to much. He was 6 months when he went into the dog's home.
We adopted him last Easter (end of March 08) he was just going on 7 months old. Have attached some photos of when he was a puppy up to now. One is with his rossette he won at the National Bedligton Terrier Dog Show in Evesham August 10th 2008, for the best re-homed Bedlington Terrier.  We were delighted, but how can you ever choose, they are all lovely.
Barney is a very different Bedlington from our first and is such a happy, loving chap. He adores everyone, human and animal and we are blessed that we found him. He is very very full on and active, long long walks are his fav activity. He was the class clown at puppy training! He loves tennis balls, his kong and roast chicken.  He also loves a sleep in front of the fire as you can see from one of the photos. The dog bed in the photo is too small, but it is his spare and he loves to drag it wherever he wants to sleep.
We haven't seen many Liver Bedlingtons and would love to know if he comes from a particular line as he has such a fabulous nature.
Best wishes
Kim Bray and family Nigel, Megan and Jorge.
Welcome to bedlington pictures, what a beautiful liver boy! I expect some of the bloggers will have met Barney at the National Bedlington Terrier Club Dog show. Unfortunately we were not sent any photos from the show for the blog otherwise we would have got to meet Barney sooner. Congratulations to Barney for winning at the show. If anyone has any photos from the National Show at Evesham do sent them in, better late than never! Barney's photo will take pride of place with all our other rescues in our blog Rescue Hall of Fame. We will all look forward to lots more news and photos, the rescue dogs are very special here on the blog.


martin and julie said...

He's a gorgeous looking boy and I reckon he's a bit like our Jasper.

He's got a lovely coat and colour that our Jasper had before he got Cushing's.

Well done and welcome!

Tina W said...

Welcome to the blog Barney and family-he looks a handsome chap-so glad that he found you-they are a special breed.

big mo said...

Wow you are a belter lovely looking boy, welcome and keep the photos comming.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

wow what ahansome boy you are wellcome to the blog

muriel said...

Welcome Barney, you are a very handsome boy, lovely colour.
I see you don't care about your modesty either just like another Barney! We have loads of pics of Barney sleeping on his back just like you.
Muriel, Barney and Ella.

J&T said...

Hi Barney & family. Was the show at Evesham the National Bedlington Show in aid of Rescue & Rehoming?
If so I,m sure we must have met, senior moments hamper my memory I,m afraid. We were there with Nesta & Maya. What a gorgeous boy Barney is, he looks so very happy!
Jane xxx, Trevor & the gang.

Kim & Co said...

Hi Jane

Yes it was the Evesham show. The weather was awful so most people were taking cover in their cars between classes! It was Barney's first show, he was the bouncy one trying to play with everyone.

Thanks for your comments. Ps my first blog, so not quite sure how it works.

Kim & Co

Trish said...

Welcome Barney and Family. You are quite a smashing boy. I love the photo of you sprawled out in the "port-a-bed"!

Sally said...

He's adorable!! - you are making me broody for another one!