25 January 2009

What am I standing on?
Hello Bloggers
A lot of you will know what and where the picture is, name please ??� No not the Acroplis.� But what was there first and what am I standing on ??� And what are the two objects in the picture.� No not the dogs
Thanks Derek, I don't have a clue but there maybe someone out there that does!


Sue and Liza said...

OK, I know it would be unfair of me to leap in on this one as I gre up very close by!

Mary said...

oh come on Derek - get down to Cambridgeshire and then i can answer some of these!!!! he! he!

billy said...

Mary Lou will know where it is,i made the poor woman climb to the top of it,and i can remember there was a certain bizzy body on the front page of our newspaper complaining like hell about what the dogs are running on......derek!!


Yes Mary Luo

What's it's name.

Billy, who was the bizzy body as we don't get the Echo.

The Makems

Lesley 2 said...

Billy is right, I remember it well. There are a MILLION steps up to that structure. We Americans are too soft. We don't walk enough. Thought I was going to die before I got to the top. But, it was worth every step. The view was breathtaking. I don't remember the name of the structure. I just remember it was named after a person. It is located sort of southwest of Sunderland toward where Derek & Eilean live, overlooking Sunderland with all of its quaint northeast architecture. Quite awesome to see in that setting. Definitely one of my high points (pun intended)of my trip last May.
Mary Lou & The Woofs

big mo said...

Perhaps there on A graveyard,

Martin said...

Go on then!

Its the Penshaw monument a wood and Herrington Country park

Martin said...

Further research (aka googleing)shows it was a former pit heap and open-cast mine but the thing on the left?


Ah Martin

Nearly there, the thing on the left is one of a several. You look through the slit which will be focused on various parts of Co. Durham.

Try this one bloggers.

Penshaw Monument was built for the 1st Earl Of Durham. What did the last one do in the 1960s, (Older bloggers to answer this, might be too early for some of the younger ones) before resigning his title. ??

The Makem

Maria H said...

Ok, he was in a band called the Frozen Turkeys and is better known as Ned Lambton. Is that what you were looking for?? from Maria of the Cambridgeshire residency


Maria H

Us locals naw al aboot Wor Ned and his ganens on. But It's his father who was the last Earl Durham.

The Makem