21 January 2009

Where are we now????
Who and what are the Monks carrying?
Thanks to Derek, this may be a tricky one!! I wonder if our "where are we now" champion Martin will know this!!! I think Ed and Becs are close runners up in our fun competitions! An idea for the Fun Day organisers some photos of well know historic sites and landmarks (of course all featuring bedlingtons) could make a great competition on a display board in the hall. You could have guess the location and I could get David Paton to come up and judge the photos just a thought!


Martin said...

The Princess Royal unveiled this of public art in the city centre of Durham by Fenwick Lawson. It depicts six monks carrying Cuthbert's coffin on its way towards Durham.

Near enough?

Lesley 2 said...

Wow Martin congratulations no stopping you in your tracks I crown you Bedlington Brainbox of Brittain, better find something much harder!!