29 January 2009

Thursday Question and Answer time!

Our first question is from Lorraine
I was seeing some of the comments on the blog and was wondering if you would give us the benefit of your experience? Our little Willow, who is our first Bedlington but not our first dog, is generally a very good girl (except for her single challenging behaviour, over excited jumping up on meeting people and other dogs) and hardly ever barks, even when she does it is very soft. She will be two next month. Should we be concerned that her behaviour will worsen for a time? She is an only pet and has been spayed, does that make a difference to the "terrible Bedlington twos"? Is it a usual feature of Bedlingtons? Just so that we are prepared, back to training classes if necessary!
Our second question is from Tricia
I have a question for the blog people. Amelia will be 16 months old on 2 Feb. & she has not come into season yet. Greyson and Willo were both about 13 1/2 to 14 months when they first came into season, so I haven't really though much about it until now. I am not planning on breeding her, I just like them to cycle through one season before I have them spayed. Is this unusual? What is the average age for bedlingtons to have their first season....I'm sure it must vary greatly. Is there a point where I should be concerned about it? Thanks everyone!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)


Lesley 2 said...

Lorraine bedlingtons are so friendly and they all love visitors. To stop jumping up you need to train the visitors and Willow. Before any visiting person arrives at your home or meets you out walking you must brief them to ignore Willow. Get them to put their hands behind their back. When Willow jumps up at a visitor gently take hold of her collar and give a verbal command, "leave of down" making sure she returns to the floor. Your visitor must totally ignore her, if she jumps up again return her back to the floor reinforcing the command. Do not get cross or shout just gently encourage her. As soon as she stops jumping up you can then giver her a treat and make a lot of fuss telling her what a good dog she is.
This only works if you mananage to do this exercise with all visitors it must be implanted into Willow she will get lots of attention for not jumping up but will be ignored otherwise. This is an exercise where a clicker is really useful, the clicker marks the good behaviour and the dog knows it is going to get a treat.
Not an easy one this but hope this helps

Trish said...

My dogs have all been taught that they have to work for everything....to get petted you must be sitting. I also believe in Cesar Milan's advice to people...no touch, no talk, no eye contact....I tell this to people that come into my house...Greyson gets so excited sometimes that she just goes into her crate for a few minutes, it's like she is trying to settle herself...when she comes out she is quiet...she does this on her own...I don't tell her to go to her crate...it is really amusing. There are so many different techniques on how to get your dogs from mowing people down that you could spend weeks reading them & trying them out. I just ask people to ignore them until they settle and then they must have "4 on the floor" to get petted.

Donna said...

my dog had 1st season at 15mths i didnt worry about it myself at the time,good for me anyway!

Donna said...

i send my dogs to bed when visitors come i cant be doing with it, when the doorbell goes they all get in bed!

big mo said...

tell the visitors not to make eye contact and turn there backs on them they will soon think that it is boring, then loads of praise and treats at the correct time.

J&T said...

Hi Trish our bitches have started their seasons at different ages Maya as early as 7 months her mother Stella at 22 months!

I really wouldn,t worry if everything else seems OK

Haven,t found a well behaved 1 yet HO HO

Trevor & Jane LOL xxx

Trish said...

I love the dogs going into their bed when the door bell rings! What a great tool for greeting people. I don't have a doorbell and nobody knocks here the just walk in..very informal here in Ocracoke.

Thanks Jane. She is a bedlington of almost 16 months, so "normal" isn't a concept I can apply to her. *big smile*

martin and julie said...

Jasper, who's 8, jumps up to say hello to everyone unless he's on his lead, so if we see people without dogs while he's being walked, he goes on the lead. when they've gone, we let him off again.

Fos never gets on his hind legs unless he sees you've got a treat in your hand. He certainly takes very little notice of people when he's on a walk.

Tina W said...

My dogs are just manic when people come in!! I need Ceasar!! lol

Donna said...

my dogs also go to beds when i brush my hair! they have learnt i am going out. goes to show they are watching me all the time