22 February 2009

Blog Detectives required

Check out Cash In The Attic on BBC 1.0pm today. Any idea who the Bedlington is or the owners ?? Thanks to Derek for spotting the Bedlington . There is just a glimpse at the beginning of the programme. Thanks to Billy for the photo

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big mo said...

can you put the clocks back as i have missed it, I do know the dogs breeders as it has been on before i think Viv Rainsbury will know.

Lesley 2 said...

I think you are right Mo we had this on sometime ago, it must have been a repeat today.


You can see it on BBC Iplayer, Cash In The Attic, Sunday 22 Feb.

The dog is shown a few times if you watch the whole program.

The Makem

carol said...

His name is Toby, and the owners are sisters, Jackie and Sharon, thats as far as I can help.