25 February 2009

Busy busy busy, we hear from Enid in Wales
K9 ( Carmel) admires Fizz's pup Pengerrig Renown at the Midland Show

It's been a busy week. the Midland bedlington Show went off very well and I was pleased that Fizz's puppy , Pengerrig Renown, won Best Minor Puppy on his first outing. His litter brother, Alphie , came to say hello. He's hoping to come to the Fun Day. Both puppies made a big fuss of me. I'm sure they don't forget who brought them into the world. I was tired on Sunday as I had left at 6'30 and got home at 7.30 in the evening having worked in the kitchen all day. Hefin was off in the other direction to judge in Reading. he enjoyed his day although he said to avoid trying to get past the football Stadium when they are all going home. he took an hour to reach the M4. Now the countdown to Crufts begins. I collected the posters for Discover Dogs today from Tom Bouse's nephew and they were much better than I expected. I hope you all come to see them, as they are pictures from the blogg. Lesley will post pictures on when she man's the Booth on Friday for those of you who can't be there. We start on Wednesday afternoon helping K9 to decorate the booth so as you get your dogs ready, think of us. On Thursday , Hefin is taking Larry and Ecco to Discover Dogs while I show Ecco and Billy is taking over after showing has finished. Mrs. Tigh and Mrs. Mayers will also be lending a hand. Lesley and Francis are there on Friday. Stuart and Angela man it on Saturday. We will be there again on Sunday with Dorothy. Fizz is being groomed as a demonstration on the Simpson Stall after judging on Thursday by internationally know groomer, Colin Taylor. We've got our badges, so hope to see you there!
Thank you Enid it certainly is non stop in the Jones's household with all the dog activities and your little granddaughter staying. Do come and show us Fizz after she has been groomed, it will be interesting to see if he trims her the same way as you do! Well done to the pup it is always exciting to see a pup you have bred winning at it's very first show. The posters for discover dogs sound fantastic, I will get Jon to take lots a photos on Friday for the blog.


enid said...

I meant to say that Larry and Fizz will be on Discover Dogs.Ecco can't be in two places at once!

big mo said...

I thought Ecco was being clever, it will be great to see what Fizz will look like, can't wait to see the photographs.