17 February 2009

Happy first birthday to the pups

Here is a photo of the birthday party held last week for the first birthday of Jazz’s pups. I would like to send belated best wishes to Millie, Ella and Abby.
Lots of love from your brother and sister, MEJ and Charlie also Mum and Dad, Jaz and Q
Sharon Hayes
Thank you Sharon, is that birthday blog pork pies I can see? Being so very close to their noses it must have been very tempting not to steal one. Happy Birthday to all the pups.


Tina W said...

Happy Birthday to you all-hope you enjoyed your pies!

mel said...

happy birhday!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Happy Birthday, from Granny D, Grandad Z, Granny K & daddy Q.

They have certainly grown up very quickly, I cant believe that was a year ago!

All the best from the rest of the Janmark Gang

gwen said...

Happy 1st birthdays.

muriel said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to MEJ, Millie, Abby,and Charlie from your sis Ella, and Barney too.

Sharon I have just sent Lesley a couple of pics for the blog.Nice to hear from you, I guess all those dogs must keep you pretty busy.Was gonna send you a few pics of Ella. Do you still have the same email address?

big mo said...

Was there 5 pork pies.

shazzer said...

Yes muriel the same e-mail for now!I'd love to see hoe Ella is doing.
And Mo there were 5 pork pies I couldn't let the old ones not join in the fun.