23 February 2009

More Bedlington History
Eilleen Makem's Mum with Nettle
A bit of history from the North East. This photograph was taken about 1929/30 and is of Eileen's mother with one of the family Bedlingtons. His name was "Nettle" as were quite a lot of Bedlingtons at this time. Eileen's mother, Doreen Carr lived at this time at Boyne Brandon Co. Durham, "The Land Of The Prince Bishops", just a bit more history for our overseas bloggers.
Doreen's Dad, John Chicken Carr worked for the council in Brandon and kept an allotment for growing vegetables, probably keeping a few hens for eggs and the Christmas dinner and of course his Bedlingtons. I doubt if any of his dogs were shown but would have been used to keep vermin down around the allotments. He would have also used the dog for catching rabbits for the pot. He did breed his dogs and sold them for 6 guineas,£6- 6 shillings. Hey! Victoria and Sarah, how much is that in our current currency ???? Has anyone else old family photographs of Bedlingtons ??
Derek Lewis
This is just a great photo, what a cute little girl and her Bedlington. How wonderful to have had Bedlingtons for so long in your family. I have a photo of Jon when he was about 3 with a bedlington that must have been about 1952


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Tina W said...

Lovely photo and history Derek.

Mary said...

aw that is lovely and what a great photo.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Is that the Methodist church in the background Derek?

As a matter of interest that appears to be a lot of dosh for a Bedlington Terrier,

6 guineas would be worth the following (based on 2007):-

£274.58 using the retail price index
£308.52 using the GDP deflator
£1,162.68 using the average earnings
£1,389.57 using the per capita GDP
£1,855.16 using the share of GDP

Trish said...

Thank you Derek for the photo. It is lovely and what an interesting story to go with it. How much fun to have had bedlingtons in you history for so long.

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"few hens for eggs and the Christmas dinner and of course his Bedlingtons"

you cant tell them down south we eat bedlingtons at xmas


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Thanks for all the lovely comments folks.

Eileen, The Female Makem

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

wow its really nice to see bedlingtons from the past,and how much they have changed

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well said Victoria

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Love this photo