28 February 2009

Mutley needs a groomer!

Here's a couple of pictures that I received this morning from the Ridge family who have Mutley-Islas sister, as you can see poor Mutley has been clipped at a salon that is not used to doing Bedlingtons-they are struggling to find a groomer that can do a decent bedlington cut-they live in Macclesfield Cheshire. If anyone can help please let me know and I will either pass on your details or give you their email address. Thanks. Tina.
Thanks Tina hopefully there is someone in bedlington land who can turn poor Mutley back into a handsome bedlington!


big mo said...

Good job Mutly is not going to Crufts

tony waller said...

What sort of trim is that? yes these pet palours say that they can
trim bedlingtons, this happened to
one of our dog's and charged £35 for doing it, it must have taken them all of ten minutes with the clipper's.

e.tuck said...

Poor Mutley - I know that stomach sinking feeling as they bring your cropped pride and joy out front and then try to charge you for it!! Poor Mac had some hum dingers when he was younger.

A really good cut will last quite a while so it may be worth your while travelling futher than you would usually for the right person.

It'll grow in time.

doone said...

thisis what my daughter refferred to as being "sniped", I did a similar trim to archie when I though how easy it looked to do.Thankfully Paula in welsh wales managed to salvage the cut , and I have continued to learn to trim and it is getting easier and better..the good news is that the fur grows so quickly that Muttley will be handsome again in a short time.
paul hooper

big mo said...

Doone how come you met Prince Charles? love your hand on his shoulder.

muriel said...

Barney and Ella had to go to a local groomer who said they were familiar with doing bedlingtons just before xmas. I had slipped on the ice and had my wrist in plaster so couldn,t do them myself and they were in dire need of a trim, so I had to take a chance. They certainly didn,t know how to do the job, they were both tidy and easier to groom but no way did they know how to trim them properly. Best to learn how to do it yourself if at all possible, more convenient, cheaper and you,ll soon get the hang of it I promise. PS love his name!

big mo said...

Murial this will make you smile,, it is a bitch.

Trish said...

Good Lord!!Mutley looks like Storey did when I got her. This is why I learned to groom my own decades ago. Everybody said they had never groomed a bedlington, but thought they could...I thought, I can ruin them for free...so got my own equipment & learned...it has saved me a forture in grooming fees over the last 30 years...I still have the same equipment, so it has more than paid for itself....yes I have had to buy new blades and I have replaced my scissors, but the clipper, brushes, combs, nail cutters. Well worth the time and money.

muriel said...

Oops sorry Mutley for calling you a he, I obviously didn,t read Tinas report properley or look close enough at your photo!
Well spotted Mo.

Lorraine said...

Ouch. Oh well, at least its only hair and will soon grow back. Poor Mutley does look terribly shorn for now though!

Good luck finding a more sympathetic Bedlington groomer for her.

doone said...

Mo, my meeting with HRH actually took place at madame tussards waxwork museum ,(hence my rather nonchalent attitude!)regardsfrom Gloucestershire.
Paul Hooper aka Doone

Polly said...

".I thought, I can ruin them for free...so got my own equipment & learned"

That's exactly how I started, bought some second hand clippers and a half decent scissors. Many thanks to Enid, Mo and various others at shows for teaching me, and I'm still learning.

go on have a go - you won't do any worse with a scissors and comb ;)