26 February 2009

A new Bedlington soft toy on ebay hand made by Kurt O' Conner

Hi my name is Kurt O'Connor, I am an artist and I am always making soft sculptures of Bedlington Terriers. I have this beauty his name is Sebastian and he is on eBay in the USA.
I love this breed I was raised with this breed in England, in a little town call Orford. Later our family moved to the States and we continued to breed these beautiful dogs. You may have heard of my sister, Sandra Bethea, who still shows her Bedlington (Talyn), and has made it in Westminster six times with the same dog.
Doing these soft sculptures is my passion, and I make them by hand. Would it be possible to let the group know that I have one for sale on eBay? The eBay ID is 190289485374 and this Bedlington is a blue.


Nina - "Arc-en-ciel" Bedlingtons said...

This soft sculpture is so beautiful!!! I love it :) :)

Trish said...

Hi Kurt. The soft bedlington is beautiful, you are very talanted. I am in the USA and do know of your sister & Talyn...beautiful dog! I am going to ebay right now to check this out.

mel said...

This is fantastic just wish i could have one!!!stunning!!

Kurt O'Connor said...

Thank you all, I hope you all enjoy the presentation on eBay.
We had fun selecting these few photos out of one hundred that we had taken.
I am working on another one, and it is a blue as well. We are currently working on a web site for my Bedlingtons. When it is up and running, I will let you all know. It will have a lot of my work on display including my bears.

My sister is thrilled that I found my niche in creating these beautiful dogs. If someone had told me that I would be an artist eight years ago making soft sculptures I would have laughed myself silly lol, but here I am sewing away and loving it. I also have a real Bedlington, her name is Dora, and she is a blue. Dora was a rescue and we have spoiled her rotten! She has to have her animal crackers every morning or she will pester me all day by hitting me with her big paws and barking and running in circles until she gets her cookies.

Thanks again, Kurt