19 February 2009

Paul and Archie carry the bedlington flag in the Pedigree sponsored walk!

Archie (cindercoat partial eclipse) and I (Paul Hooper) will be walking leg 71 of the lands end to john o groats walk sponsored by Pedigree pet foods .This is to raise funds for re-homing and treatment of unwanted dogs .There is a web site to explain all about it http://www.pedigreeadoptiondrive.com/If anyone wishes to sponsor us, and I know that times are tough at the moment so no pressure (even a pound will help!) You can actually sponsor my leg by checking on the website and looking at route 71. .We are still waiting for confirmation of the date but we have definitely got the leg. The picture is of Olivia , my daughter walking Archie on the cotswold way last year, it wouldn't be right not to attach a pic
Regards Paul
Well done Paul that is fantastic, if you can give me the date and aproxomate time of your leg if I can I will meet you on route and take some for photos for the blog!

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Will you be at Crufts, come round with the begging bowl, good luck for the actual walk.