20 February 2009

Poll Suggestions
I want to put a new poll on the blog. I am having trouble thinking up something productive and interesting that we can vote on, have you any ideas?


big mo said...

Where the BBC wrong not to cover Crufts.?

e.tuck said...

That's a good one Mo - us pet people really enjoy Crufts. Surely there is another way to draw attention to the plight of those breeds that are causing concern. Smacks of cutting off your nose to spite your face (unless I'm missing something)
Good to see you blogging Mo - we miss you when your'e not around.

Sally said...

I also think they were wrong - and agree there are better ways to highlight the plight - I for one will missing watching Best in Show on Sunday with my feet tucked up on the sofa and a glass of wine! - I also liked the part when you could vote for the best dog who has enriched someone's life - but am a bit of a wuss and always cried!