15 February 2009

Results from today from Jarrow and Heburn Open Show

1st Walshaws - Janmark Blue Encounter.
2nd Toner & Oxburys - Rubsters piper

1st Laceys - Summer in the City
2nd Toner & Oxburys - Sevray Whisper

1st Walshaws - Janmark Alannora
2nd Laceys - Summer in the City.

BP Janmark Blue Encounter
BOB Janmark Alannora

Terrier Group 2 Janmark Alannora

Terrier Puppy Group 1 Janmark Blue Encounter.
Well done to everyone, especially little T who is proving very hard to beat in the ring. He must be well on his way to his J W title.


victoria and mr.bojangles said...

well done everyone

gwen said...

Well done to everyone.

big mo said...

well done to all

Tina W said...

Well done again !! Please tell Welf that we were asking for him and they we hope he is on the mend soon.