19 February 2009

RSPCA: Dark side of the puppy trade exposed by new BBC documentary

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Tonight BBC1 8pm


Lesley 2 said...

I have just come back from ring craft and missed the programme what was it like??

Sally said...

Hi Lesley - I watched this and found it very sad - I don't agree with puppies being sold in shops anyway - and there was someone who ordered their dog over the internet and it was delivered to them - rather like a pizza! There was also evidence of 'breeders' selling a variety of pups - mothers never seen and I think it was one who almost immediately developed parvo virus. That pup needed to be put to sleep. As you know I am very much for rescue but made no secret of the fact I would like a beddie pup in the future - if only people put as much thought into buying a dog as they do a car! It should all be in the research! Gettin off soap box now!

Donna said...

their advice on buying puppies was very poor it got me angry! bbc again!