16 February 2009

Sidney has a hair cut and bath

Here are pictures of Sidney's first haircut, Wendy Scorah of Rivendown did a fantastic job and he was spoilt like a royal prince, attention to detail was indeed given, as he had a little blue rosette on his collar which he proudly showed me and I must say he smells delightful!
All his dark fur vanished and underneath, was this little young man who now proudly trots around, showing anyone at every opportunity what a handsome young man he is becoming!
He insisted on a photo-shoot, as he did promise his Mam & Dad that he would keep in touch with them - The Janmarks. After all the excitement, it was off to bed with his little bear!
Julia, John & Sidney (Janmark - You've got my number)
Thank you for Julia and John for the update on Sydney, he is certainly beginning to look like a teenager now, half way between puppy and man bedlie! Sidney certainly looks very proud of his new grown up look!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Sidney, your looking good, hope you enjoyed your haircut & you behaved for Wendy!

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

aaw.what a smart little boy!

Tina W said...

He looks a proper young man now!