21 February 2009

Spring spring spring in Wales

Can you believe it? A week since the snow thawed and the first lawnmower of the season is heard. Tension builds in expectation of the first cuckoo. Enid xx
Thanks Enid, it is nice to see a bit of warm sunshine but we are a few weeks away from hearing  the cuckoo here!    


Sally said...

Its a lovely day here too - sun is shining we have been looking after my nephew for two days and (thankfully he is going home today - phew!Gav says I can definately have a puppy after that!) so once he has gone think we will do some garden tidying ourselves - its looking a bit jungley at the moment!


Ah Well!!

At least if the lawn mowers are stirring there will soon be the clink of the wine glasses out in the garden.

The Makems