19 February 2009

Thursday and our Julie is having a Natter from the North East

Good morning from the North East, I hope everyone got their Crufts passes yesterday. It feels so real now and I can't believe that it is only 2 weeks today it will be there and I can do the natter in person, CANT WAIT! It is a great idea to have blog badges and to publish the bench numbers on the bog, no excuse not to meet everyone now!
The bedlingtons have been doing very well in the show ring over the weekend. Saturday Mel and Loki winning RBIS well done Mel! Sunday's show and what a long day, I think we were all ready to drop after we had waited so long, mind you I have never seen so many staffies in one place for an open show. The way the dogs are shown is quite amazing, one lady had her dog hung upside down between her legs, this must be a new calming trick as it was the only one not going for the others dogs in the class! So glad I chose to show bedlingtons. Once again Mark did very well with both Q and T. I wasn't able to go to ring craft last night as had to work to 8pm Mel told me it's not on next week because of pancake day and the hall had been booked. I will just have to keep the training up at home, not to sure if is there are any shows this weekend in the North East but I am sure Mark or Derek will put me right, if you are showing good luck
Julie x
Thanks Julie, we are definitely on the count down to Crufts, it will great catching up with everyone, there will be plenty of time after judging for a good old natter!

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Tina W said...

I haven't got my passes yet!