25 February 2009

Thursday and we say good morning to Julie in the North East
Mark's M thinks if she flaps her ears hard enough she will be a ble to take off from that dreadful grooming table

Good morning from the north East, I think we are going through the lull before the storm as March is going to be very busy for us all in the North East. 1st March we are showing at Metropolitan Borough Canine Soc at Birtley, Thursday CRUFTS , Sunday 8Th Northen Sporting Terrier at Yarm , Sunday 15Th North Eeast Meet and walk at Seaton Carew, Sunday 29Th Nat Bedlington Terrier at Doncaster. The North East walk for anyone is coming from Redcar, Middlesbrough Way and if you need a lift just let me know as I have room in the car if needed. I will ask Derek to put a reminder on the blog on the Thursday so no excuses we need loads of Bedlingtons taking over the Beach.
Mark has informed me that he has raffle tickets for the rescue and I must say with some great prices get your hands in them pockets it is for a great cause. Mark also informed me that Alan is on the mend and should be out at the weekend so that is great news. It is great to see more pups in the North East welcome everyone to the blog. The North East Meets are great for info and just to have a chat. Well that is all from me this week can I have a week off next week Lesley? Hope to see everyone at Crufts and good luck if you are showing this weekend Julie x
Thank you Julie, I think I will let you have Thursday off, hopefully Jon will upload some snaps straight to the blog by mobile phone. from the NEC. WE should have a handful of camera photos on the blog Thursday night and ALL the exhibitors on the blog and BTA website by Saturday. Good luck for everyone showing this weekend up in the North and we will look forward to seeing the new bloggers on the North East Meet outing. Great news that Alan is on the mend, he has been very poorly, his family will be relieved to have him well and home at the weekend.


Sally said...

Good luck at Crufts Julie - we will be looking out for your badge! Lesley I think we should try and get a blog group photo on Thursday!

Jill said...

Looks like an eco friendly wind turbine to me.

big mo said...

Best wishes to Allan and have a great time at all your shows,
have you got the dryer on her,

Tina W said...

Yes a bloggers photo would be good-glad Welf is on the mend,you wanna slow down Julie-you'll do yourself a mischief!!lol