17 February 2009

Tuesday and we say hello to Donna in the Midlands

For the past week I've been having games with the dogs. They are well behaved in the house, or so I thought, but out on walks its getting a bit silly. For several weeks now, Willow and Stuey keep on disappearing and I find I'm out in the fields walking on my own. It doesn’t help that there are hares everywhere at the moment but watching two tassels and a brown dot bobbing up and down in the distance I think is rather rude. I assume this is lack of leadership and think it maybe because I have been spoiling them a bit in the house like the sofa and stuff. So to teach them a lesson I have been hiding from them, if they are going to run off they will lose me forever. Watching Stuey, he's outraged, but finds me quickly. Willow panics, she was on the corner of a field looking left then right, then left then right again, so I called her softly as if I was ten miles away. She eventually comes in the right direction but then runs straight passed me. The look on the dogs faces they are so relieved to see me. They are getting used to me doing it after a few days and are starting to look out for me but I cannot do this all the time. I have stopped the sofa, coming in with me to the toilet, baby gate is back on ,extra brushing, you know what I mean. I'm sure it will last until I get soppy again. I am concerned though as there are a lot of horse riders round here, you know how they just pop out from nowhere, I could get myself in trouble.
I think crufts will be on youtube. Donna.


Thanks Donna, I think all the dogs want their freedom but are mortified if they find you missing! At the end of the day they know where they are best off.


Tina W said...

That you tube advert is the one they have been showing on ITV- Perhaps it's just all the hares about at the moment Donna and the instinct to investigate is just too strong.

Donna said...

its the wrong link sorry not so good at this

big mo said...

Sounds as though you are getting there, well done,

patricia said...

Larry never strays far, however Leo is off like a rocket, he can hear me calling him, so realizes he is not lost, he does eventually come back, and I try not to be cross, treats and all that, good boy etc. but I worry about fox holes. dont know the answer, he was always so good at recall!