24 February 2009

We have a new puppy to our blog we welcome little Maisey and her owners Peter, Diane and Bradley

Our names are Peter,Diane our son Bradley and our new addition Maisy. Our first dog and we chose a bedlington terrier bitch to live with us. We reside in a place called Camperdown, which is just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. We live approx 10 miles from Bedlington. Maisy has been with us for 4 weeks now and is 14 weeks old. She has a great temperament but with puppy devilment. We are seeing her coat change daily and she is really getting into her looks.
It would be nice if any of your blog readers can give us any useful info or tips e.g how old do they recommend for her 1st groom? Thanks Peter, Diane, Brad & Maisy.
Welcome to Bedlingtonpictures how nice to have yet another puppy join our blog family. I would say every 6-8 weeks for trimming the bedlington. The coats all seem to differ in how quickly they grow but the coat needs to kept short enough so that it does not matt. A nice soft slicker brush will help to keep free any small tangles in between the trimming. There are some experienced groomers on the blog who hopefully will come up with more advice.


Trish said...

Welcome Maisy& family to the blog! When I have gotten a puppy the breeder had groomed them for the first time at about 5 or 6 weeks old, so if she if 14 weeks and not been groomed she is ready. You will meet alot of very nice people on here with lots of knowledge about the breed. Enoy your time here.

muriel said...

HI maisie, nice to see you. We live not too far from you at Blyth.
Bet you're keeping everyone on their toes with your mischief!
Where did you get Maisie from was she local?
Hope we see lots more of you on the blog.Muriel,Barney & Ella.

big mo said...

Hi there I had a maisy she was a special little girl fire away with your questions there will always be an awnser on this blog.

Sally said...

Ooh another gorgeous pup !!! Guys you will find so much help here - I am a novice owner too and people here are brilliant, friendly and helpful -


Hello Peter,Diane and Bradley

If it's any help there's a ringcraft training club at Walkerville. It's held on a Friday night starting about 7.30 and is in the Community Centre in Pinewood Close.

We will be there this Friday and it would be a good chance for you to get some info for your pup. The following Friday is Crufts week end so the club is closed.

Hope to see you all there soon.

The Makems

( It's OK if your Black & White we'll still help) LOL

Tina W said...

Hi Maisey and family-welcome to the best blog in the world!! I too had a Maisie but sadly she was put to sleep last July,if she's anything like our one you will have a fantastic life with her around,beddies are great characters
and there is never a dull moment when they are little.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Welcome, Ive never owned a Maisie, however are willing to assit if possible.

tony waller said...

Welcome Maisie and family, have her trimmed as soon as possible it gets them use to the clippers, a steel comb is better than a brush get one with two sets of teath.

Tina W said...

Ideally you should give Maisie a comb every day so that she get's used to being groomed-it doesn't have to take long you can do a bit each day,as Tony said the best comb is one which has two sizes of teeth,one closer together than the other,you use the more spaced apart set for normal combing and the narrower ones help to remove the fur that gets stuck.

mel said...

welcome to the blog!!! we love new puppies! hope to meet you soon as my puppy is the same age so will be great play mates! there are a couple of good bedlington groomers in the north east me being one of them and one of us will more then happy to help!! Love mel,loki and sigyn xxx

e.tuck said...

Welcome Maisy - hopefully we'll get to introduce ourselves when the North East meet gets together. Why not come along to the beach walk and say hello.

Mac & Lily

peterr said...

Thanks to everyone who has replied.
We have been brushing maisy almost everyday and i think that she will be getting her first cut any time now.