29 April 2009

More Welsh news from Enid with photos from Madeline
Vera and Craigie exchanging phone numbers. Note the plates in Ken's book - Craigie wants to write to Ken and thank him for including his painting. And what is Hefin laughing at?

Vera Baird chats with Craigie.
Enid presenting Ken Bounden's book to Craigie Aitchison at Abergavenny on Saturday evening, whilst Hefin looks on.

We had a great time at Tim's party and the buffet was brilliant. Tim had a new laptop for his birthday so that he can look at the blog. He'll be online in a couple of weeks. Saturday turned out to be a really good day for us. Ecco won his fifth ticket which we were thrilled with and we were home in good time so that we could go to the Craigie Aitchinson exhibition and talk. The first people we saw when we walked in were Madeline and Vera so we had very congenial company for the evening. There we several new works that had been painted in Italy, portraits and drawings from the 1950's. The place was so crowded that it was difficult to look at them properly but as the exhibition runs until May 23rd. we'll go and have another look. The talk was in the ballroom of the Angel Hotel and the room was full. Tilly, the Bedlington Terrier from Abergavenny, enjoyed herself and Craigie made a big fuss of her. We learned an awful lot about Craigie's life and his attitude towards painting and he came across as a very humble and approachable person. He was delighted to be given a copy of Ken Bounden's book which has a copy of one of his paintings in it. Tilly's owner, Linda rang me on Monday because she wanted a book and I told her about bedlingtonpictures and she couldn't wait to log on - so if your reading this, Linda, welcome to the World Wide Bedlington Family!
Thank you Enid how wonderful to meet Craigie in person, see some his works of art and to be able to attend the talk, certainly an evening you will never forget!

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Karen Goldsbrough said...

Glad you had a lovely evening Enid.