29 April 2009

Wednesday and it is Welsh Wafflings from Paula
Happy Birthday Tim!

Beacons Light Sunrise Rose

A drawing of Tim's liver bitch sketched by Paula from the photograph was a wonderful gift from all Julie and Tim's bedlington friends.

Yesterday was Tim’s 65th Birthday and Julie had organised a surprise party for him at the Lord Nelson Inn, Nelson, a lovely ‘Olde Inne’. All his family and friends, including some Welsh Bedlington friends were there and a good time was had by all. Julie had arranged for a huge buffet and live entertainment and Tim’s son had written a hilarious poem for the occasion which he had us all in stitches with. There was even a mystery guest! Wonder if anyone can figure out who it was? Paula,
A very happy birthday to Tim and it looks like a good time was had by all. That is a beautiful drawing Paula, Tim must be over the moon. Who is in fancy dress, well I recon it can only be Big Mo, or maybe not with a glass of wine in his/her hand!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Happy Birthday Tim.
Fantastic Drawing Paula & I am thinking suprise guest was Big Mo as she said she was going out last night!!

Tina W said...

Yep the new and improved Big Mo-she must have borrowed the wine for the photo.
Happy Birthday Tim glad you all had a good time!

mel said...

Happy birthday Tim! from mel , loki and Sigyn!x Yeah defo big mo!!!

julie o said...

happy birthday Tim hope you had a great time

J&T said...

Belated Happy 65th Birthday Tim.Sounds like a great celebration.
( The head study is fabulous Paula, I,m sure Tim was well chuffed with it!)
Trevor & Jane xxx

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday Tim. Lovely to have a surprise party, and the drawing is indeed beautiful.

gwen said...

Happy birthday Tim, hope you enjoyed your surprise party. The drawing certainly is beautiful Paula.