12 May 2009

All cosy and warm!
M&T relaxing in the motorhome
Thanks to Mark for the photo. Safe journey if you are travelling up to Scotland.


Karen Goldsbrough said...

How Cute do they look !!

Trish said...

It is so cute how they all cuddle together and seem to wind around each other. Mine do the same.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Trish
Mine are the same always cuddled up together.
Holly likes to hook her head over Hobies body almost as if she does it so if he moves she knows instantly. She follows him everywhere.
How is Amelia today ?

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi to Mark & Jan.
It was lovely to meet you in person Mark and to speak to Jan on the Phone.
Thanks again Mark For going to the trouble of getting the cushion covers for me.
Will be in touch soon but been having big problems at home with my pc.

patricia said...

Thats why you have to have 2!

Trish said...

Hi Karen,

Amelia seems fine. Ate dinner Sunday night and has been eating ever since. She is a strange little girl, who know what was going on with her.

Julia said...

Makes me want another!
Stop it Mark!!!

big mo said...

great picture.