27 May 2009

Billy With Miss Colin Win A First Prize At The Corbridge Show




Nice one Billy.

Should have taken a picture of you when you had your shirt off, would have all the girls swooning.

See you on Friday, we'll start a convoy from the North East to the fun day.

The Makems

Nina said...

Nice one, Billy & Miss Colin!! Well done.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done Billy, winning from a very large class as well, Miss Colin without a doubt in my opinion as well as obviously the judges did have the waggiest tail.

I did however feel you were a little hard done by in the class 'whos dog most looks like their owner', you did deserved a placing.


Derek dont be taking up the good parking spots, keep me a place!

bill said...

too true Mark,but there is allways tomorow.


10.4 rubber duck ,
see you on the A1

peterr said...

well done

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Well done.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

well done billy see you at the weekend