28 May 2009

Candy Update

Just to let you know the dog warden has been in touch about the attack on Candy. Apparently the dog was very 017unpredictable and has attacked before. The guy who owned it was told he would be going to court, but because he had been in court before he decided to have the dog put down. Candy is doing great, but when she see's other dogs now she barks, which she never did before. We are just hoping that with time she will get over it. Gwen x

I am so pleased Candy is physically fit now, unfortunately it will be a very long time before she trusts other dogs. You will have to train her by only introducing  very slowly  to dogs you know and trust. 


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Great to see Candy fit & well again bless her.
As for the owner of the dog who attacked Candy perhaps if he had socialised his dog properly & been more responsible in the first place it would not have come to this and an otherwise healthy dog would not have had to be put to sleep.
Im so glad Candy is physically well & as Lesley said it will take time to trust again.
Lol x

victoria and mr.bojangles said...

glad to hear candy is ok

Trish said...

Happy to hear that Candy is getting on well. Like Karen said, it is a shame about the other dog. I always say..."no dumb dogs, just dumb owners" This guy didn't stand a chance with the person that owned him. Love the photo of Candy and the "woof woof' bed!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Trish,
Hope you are well.
How are your little girls have they had their short cut yet ?

Sue and Liza said...

Great news about Candy! Love the cute photo of her too, she's a very pretty girl.

Trish said...

Karen, my girls are great and in the process of short cuts....Amelia and Willo down.....Grey, Rose and Storey to go. I work 6 days a week so have to work them in when I can....I believe Storey will be next...tomorrow. Then Monday Rose and Grey will be done (it is my day off)