20 May 2009

Catch up time and we hear from Tina with yesterday’s report.

Good morning bloggers not long until the fun day and looking forward to what will no dbestmutleypicoubt be a great event. We are staying at Whittington for a week incorporating fishing as usual, we've never been to this site before so fingers are crossed that it's nice and that the fish are of a good size. Unfortunately Isla is in season after only 31/2 months since her last one and from day one has wanted the attentions of her dad so at the moment hormones are flying high and tension is all around-what fun!!

The first photo is of Mutley, one of Isla's sisters. The second one is of a great idea that Howard mutter_paw(Mutley's owner) has had made by a friend who is a manufacturing jeweller . It's her paw print cast in silver. This chap can cast your dogs paw in silver, gold ,platinum etc. and can accommodate most requests. This particular one would cost around £55 in silver with a similar frame and size of 24cm x 19cm.If you are interested in having a similar type of thing done please email mikey at mikey.barlow@gmail.com.

Good luck to anyone showing or competing this weekend and hope to see a lot of you at the fun day.'till next timeTina.

  • Thank you Tina let's hope this very showery weather has gone by the Fun Day, It has rained a fair bit over here in Brailes over the last few days. The paw print is a lovely way of having a souvenir of your best friend


Tina W said...

Hope you are feeling better this morning Lesley-have a relaxing day if you can.

bill said...

good luck with fishing Tina,catch something for sat night for the bar-b.

Tina W said...

Years ago I tasted carp and it was really earthy even although it was stuffed with peppers etc.

big mo said...

Gosh Tina that is a great way of remembering yout pets, and fingers x for some good weather we where lucky last time. sorry there is no Welsh report will try to rally the troops tomorow.