09 May 2009

Diary date from Darren

Join in the Butchers Great North Dog Walk

Hi Lesley, just thought i would let you know what is going on in the North East of England.We have a Butchers Great North Dog Walk. Its the biggest dog walking event in the country and its free entry to all that enter. You can enter by logging on to www.cooksondogwalk.co.uk or just turn up on the day of the walk, anytime from 9am to regester.The walk starts at 10am to 3.30pm.The date of this venue is on Sunday 14th june. This will be held at the This will be held at the Leas, South Tynside. Come along & be a record breacker!!! Love Darren n Ang xxx

Thank you Darren this sounds like a great day out a real meet and greet for everyone who owns a dog in the North East. Darren perhaps you can keep count of how many Bedlingtons you see on route and maybe take a photo of them?

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Hello Darren

Thought you worked in a Quarry so what's this about butchers ?? LOL.

Might have to take the grand bairns up to the lakes that week end but if not we will be there.

See you the coming Sunday at Toronto, Co. Durham, not Canada.

The Makems