24 May 2009

Flea and Tick Products

I know several of you have had problems after applying spot on treatments. This is an American clip but well worth watching as it names the chemicals that probably are the cause of side effects after using these products.


Kim & Co said...

We have had a real tick problem with Barney ever since he joined us, never had this with our other dog. The vet said use frontline every 4 weeks, we have but still didn't stop the ticks and I had issue with using chemicals so much. I found this website www.csjk9.com and have used a product called Billy No Mates. Has anyone else tried it? After a few weeks of use no more ticks and Barney seems to like the taste and is eating better (he is very fussy). I am so delighted I emailed the company! After a few weeks you can smell the scent on the dog, nice smell but this is what the ticks must hate. For a natural product it seems to do the trick. Mentioned it to our vet and he said they can't promote natural products as they need data to know the product make up. I can understand that, but it works for us better than the chemicals. I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this. Sorry so long just thought others would like to know.


Lesley 2 said...

Wow, this sounds great but never heard of it before, I have to say I don't reularly de flea the dogs but do regulalrly worm them. My dogs get a lot of garlic in their food and this is supposed to help with illiminating fleas and ticks too.

Trish said...

We have fleas here year round and I use Advantage on my dogs and have for years. It works well for fleas, I have never had a tick problem, but my vet recommends a collar for ticks called "Preventix" for people that have a tick problem it works well. I did write here about my bedlington friend that had a terrible problem with Advantix and her dog got a huge chemical burn from it. It is good that they are bringing this out, people need to know about this stuff. She has started a group on Face Book called Horrors of Advantix. Her vet claims he had never seen side affects with this product. My vet doesn't carry it anymore BECAUSE they have heard so much about this product and seen the results.