29 May 2009

Friday And here Is The Report From Ed & Becs In The South East

Hello everyone, here's Ralphies latest action report. Last Sunday we all went sailing in Ed's Dad's boat . The weather was!cid_2C1F45A8-F653-4DCE-9BEC-57B66F72AAF2 perfect, glorious sunshine and a gentle wind  ( Ralphie doesn't like it when the wind is strong and the boat goes too fast! ). It was just right for a fun trip out before lunch, we even had a fly past from a Spitfire on it's way to an air show. We sailed from a place called Conyer which is up a creek near Faversham, the land is very flat round there and it can be hard to keep your bearings. Ralphie liked the bits near the shore best, he could watch the sheep and the rabbits on the banks.This week was exciting for another reason, on Thursday evening met up with Martin, Julie and Rosie who !cid_6AC8621D-2627-4CA9-89FA-1were on holiday with the lovely Fosbury and Jasper. All the boys got on very well and we had a lovely walk on the beach at Broadstairs, playing with Ralphie and Jack Bojangles seemed to give Fosbury a spring in his step! We all took plenty of photos, so hopefully we'll be seeing some more from Martin. Can't wait to see everyone at the fun day, love from, Ralphie , Rebecca and Ed x


Thanks Ed and Becs, I love Ralphie’s life jacket, he has certainly got his eyes on the sheep maybe he thought they were bedlingtons!  It is fantastic to think you met up with Fosbury and Jasper, we are certainly one lovely big bedlington family! 12 pitches have been booked for Brailes with many arriving this lunch time, safe journey to all of you, and it is sun, sun, sun here in the Cotswolds this morning.


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Ralphie certainly is a dog of many talents.
Sounds like you are having a great time meeting up with more Bedlington friends.
Hope you all have a great time at the Fun Day wish me & my lot could have been there it would have been lovely to meet everyone.

Trish said...

I love the life jacket! He looks the very experienced boater...where is his captains hat?

ed and rebecca said...

Hi, sorry you can't make Sunday, we would have loved to meet you and your Bedlies. I'm sure we'll take plenty of photos. Love the idea of a hat!!!!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Looking forward to seeing them.
Have Fun.

Sue and Liza said...

Ralphie, you look as dashing as ever! Millie & Mabel are looking forward to having a 'bow-wow' with you about this boating lark at the Fun Day, as we're all off to the Norfolk Broads for a week in June, sharing a boat with our good friends Lesley & Mike and mad Maddie the Bedlington! Doggy life jackets have been hired, so we should all be safe with a bit of luck!

julie o said...

love the photo,s

martin and julie said...

Jasper and Fosbury had a great time with Ralphie and Jack.

The boys had a final walk on the beach this morning to say goodbye to the sea before we headed for home.

It was great to meet you all, and we're looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow at the Fun Day.