22 May 2009

Friday And We Say Good Morning To Ed, Becs and Ralphie

This is a picture of Ralphie with Jack Bojangles. They are best mates but Jack is definitely the boss, Ralphie squirms all over the floor when they meet . This week we have been practising the trick suggested by Leslie , blowing on his nose to make him wipe his eyes in a sleepy way. At our obedience class he !cid_FCF625F1-46AF-47D5-859E-02F6C4E43450managed it quite well, hopefully by our next lesson we will have introduced a hand signal and we won't have to blow on his nose ! Our teacher suggested we could try teaching him to sneeze next..... has anyone else managed to teach that?

It's haircut day today so he'll be able to hold up his head in front of all the other bedlingtons at the fun day, which we're really looking forward to. What is the word for a gathering of Bedlingtons...... a flock? That's it for now, see you all soon.

I am so pleased the trick is working, I just say “sleepy” to Diesel and she wipes her eyes, it looks really cute, I am really looking forward to seeing Ralphie showing off his new trick next week! Has anyone out there got a good word for a collection of bedlingtons?


Nina said...

I have one trick I preform when for instance children is around. I tell the children that Ken is a terrible liar!!! The children don`t believe that, so I ask if they want to hear themselves.
Certainly they will, so I ask Ken: "What does the kitty cat say. He answers with barking; and voila. ha has told a lie.... The children get very excited, and we have big smiles on our faces. Works every time!!

enid said...

Looking forward to seeing the really smart Bedlington at the Fun Day!

Tina W said...

Me too Enid.

Sue and Liza said...

I love that trick Nina!
Ralphie will no doubt have the ladies swooning at the Fun Day. Well, us two anyway! It's so nice to see him & Jack Bojangles are such good pals.
We've tried the blowing on the nose trick with both our girls and they just look at us as if we've gone mad, we're obviously doing something wrong!