15 May 2009

Friday And We See What Madeline and Thandi Have Been Up To In London

Thandi and I came back to London at the end of last week. She had a good break by the sea, with a series of visitors: firstly Zack for a couple of days, then Toby the Border Terrier, and finally !cid_X_MA2_1242309622@aolHamish, the Westie. These boys are all older than Thandi, but she is indisputably the boss. She has perfected a look which tells them when they had better watch it. Unfortunately, Zack can't see it and recently rescued Hamish has no emotional intelligence, so the only dog that takes note is Toby. We really enjoyed meeting up with the Welsh crowd at South Wales Terrier club show in Rhondda, but will draw a veil over our performance!

I popped into IKEA to get the latest 'must have' toy; Thandi gives the rat a very good shaking and loves throwing it around by the tail. So thanks to Ed and Becs for the hint.

Today we walked along the Crouch End to Highgate part of the Parkland walk, which passes less than a quarter of a mile from my home. Then we looped into Queen's Wood, and home that way. This is part of the 'Capital Ring' which is a walking route encircling inner London, incorporating over 75 miles of footpaths through London', parks, woodlands and nature reserves. Its amazing how well these link up, with minimal walking on roads.The photos are from my phone, so a bit inferior. The first one shows the old station platforms, at was Crouch End Station, and the next is a bit further along the track. Its surprisingly quiet on a week day, considering how close it is to a busy residential area. Today over 90 minutes, I met a few dog walkers, some joggers and a few mothers with push chairs. Looking forward to the Fun Day!


Thank you Madeline how fantastic to be able to walk 75 miles of footpaths in London! It just shows you how green our capital city is! If anyone else is going to Ikea could they pick me up a rat, I think Paker would enjoy playing with it.


big mo said...

Thandi is certainly a well travelled girl so lucky, and the walks are so good, sorry I missed the terrier show in Wales but I am sure you had a great time and a great welcome, can't wait to see the dirty rat,

Tina W said...

You certainly have some lovely walks in London you and Thandi must be as fit as butchers dogs!!

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Looks like a lovely tranquil spot amongst the hustle & bustle of London.

ed and rebecca said...

Wow, what a lot of lovely walking!