27 May 2009

Fun Day Update


There will be two classes of Agility

Class 1 The Champion Stakes, for any dog which has undergone some kind of formal training, the course to be run with dogs off leash! D

Class 2 The Trier's Stakes, for all beginner dogs wishing to have ago and the course will be competed with dogs on the leash.

If you would like to enter these classes, on arrival at the venue please make your way to the agility ring and put your name down for either class one or two .


For those taking the test on arrival please book in to Carmel. Carmel will have the necessary handout leaflets and will check your ID tags. If you don’t have the correct information on your dog’s tag don’t worry as Carmel will have tags with her. The dogs that pass will be awarded a KC Certificate and rosette. Also you will be able to purchase an Official KC Bronze metal badge! Don't forget to bring your dog's brush and have a poo bag on you for the test.


I am delighted to inform you that Mr John Glover who wrote the "Working Bedlington" will be at the Fun Day to answer any questions about working your bedlington . If you have a copy of his book bring it along for him to sign. My thanks go to Billy for arranging John to join us


Sunday is our Big Mo’s 65 Birthday, I have made a banner to go up in the hall, search out Tina as she will have a card for you all to sign. Mo went off fishing this morning so will not see this notice. That’s it for now and the weather forecast for Sunday is fantastic!


bill said...

birthday weekend,its Miss Olga's birthday on the friday 3 years old so dont forget the pork pies
saturday there is a 40th party in the hall.i have invited myself so you all welcome to crash the party with me.live band and pig roast.

going to be a great weekend

Karen Goldsbrough said...

We have a special birthday too Billy It's Holly's first birthday on the 1st of June my little princess is growing up so fast.
Pork pie treats for Holly & Hobie i think and a few new toys no doubt.
Best wishes of course to Big Mo on her 65th Birthday Lol for sunday.
Looking forward to seeing all the photos from Fun Day.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Miss Olga on Friday Lol.


Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Big Mo

Your just a young lass, if I'de known sooner I would have got you some more kippers.

The Makem

Trish said...

First I love the photo of the flying Diesel. Wow what a fun weekend it sound like, Fun Day, birthdays all around and a "pig-pickin" to crash...Happy Birthday to all that will be celebrating!