09 May 2009

Good morning to everyone and Saturday is news from Scotland with Marie
I had a great time in Northumberland last weekend. We were blessed with good weather for the most part, and managed to get in some sunrises and sunsets. We also visited Holy Island (formerly known as Lindisfarne). On monday I collected the dogs and headed back to Skye, exhausted but pleased with the weekend. Cody and Briagha were delighted to be back home, you'd think they'd been away for a month the way they ran around the house. Oh and believe it or not I met two bedlingtons on the beach near Bamburgh. They were being looked after by the owners parents while she was away, and I think they were called Phoebe and Bubbles. Phoebe (liver) is the mother of Bubbles (blue)..both bitches. I wonder if anyone on the blog knows of them? I didn't get the chance to take a pic of them unfortunately.
Here is a pic of Bamburgh castle though.
Thanks Marie the castle looks ghostly in this photo, quite eerie, i wonder if it is haunted? Pleased you had a good time away and managed to take some morning and evening photo shoots. I think bedlingtons are very territorial and don't like to be away from their toys and favourite bed for very long. And Saying this if you leave them for just an hour they greet you as if you had been away weeks!


julie o said...

wow glad you had a great time in the northeast

ed and rebecca said...

What a great photo, glad you had a nice break!

Elaine & Ern said...

moody shot -I like it.

My two go mad even if have just been down to water the green house!!


Hello Marie

Glad you liked Northumberland. Keep it to yourself we don't want the beaches too crowded.

The Makems

Karen Goldsbrough said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip!
Fab photo.