25 May 2009

Hello Bloggers
The Makems have had a very enjoyable weekend. Firstly the old
enemies, the "Geordies" were relegated to division 2, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!
shame about the "Smokies" also getting relegated, they are a bit to
far to the south to be called derby games. And today was Northumberland County Show. And what a lovely show it turned out to be, nice and sunny, loads of folk around both doggie and strangers to explain our breed to.
11 Bedlingtons were entered, only one was missing, Makems Blue Velvet Lady. She has had a broken leg which is still pinned so her show days are over now but still likes her days out especially to the
agricultural shows. Judge Mr Roy Stott "Ghyllmoire who at first raised a few eyebrows by not placing the first class of dogs on the table. It was later discussed that the judge does not have to table the dogs ??????. One very experienced Bedlington shower did say it was preferred for the breed to be tabled. Perhaps some of our prominent judge bloggers could verify this point ??

Junior 1 st Hoaksey's, Aireview Little Princes.
2nd Andrews, Janwhiffin Diamond Codey (her first show).
Graduate 1st Lewis's Makems Filthy And Gorgeous.
2nd Ovenden's Lisanne Singing The Blues.
3rd Thornton's Rathsrigg Loch Cladach.
4th Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper.
Open 1st Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
2nd Walshaw's Janmark Blue Encounter ShCM
3rd Overden's Bankcroft Bathsheba.
4th Lewis's Makems Precious Jewel ShCM
A.V.O. 1st Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper.
A.V.P.G. 2nd Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper
And wait for it, Lewis's Makems Filthy And Gorgeous got Best Of
Breed. Sorry folks nowt in group.Sorry forgot the camera but Codey's boss did take some so hopefully he will post them on.
The Makems

Congratulations Derek sounds like you all had a great day out. I have never heard of a judge not putting a Bedlington on the table, but I don’t know the rules about table dogs! Unfortunately Stewart did not win today in the Stakes final at Bath.


Sue and Liza said...

Very well done one and all, sounds like a grand day out.
Great weekend for the Black Cats Derek!

AMANDA said...

hi lesley, hope your well. just to let you know that samual went to Highclere saturday and sunday, sat samual won the terrier racing,and got a lovely trophy and second in the bedlington class.photos of the racing should be in the countrymans weekly this week or next so keep an eye out.sunday samual won the bedlington class. we aslo met genie and morris on saturday. samual is coming to the gala evening on the 5th june he cant wait to meet everyone! must go now as all the kids (dogs) want their dinner (chick wings and minced lamb Mmm!) samual sends lots of love licks waggy tails and will see you soon. amanda.

victoria and mr.bojangles said...


Sarah and Tony said...

Well done to all, especially Eileen. We had a lovely day, and Ossie and Ed are shattered after all that meeting and greeting. I meant to take a few pics, but Tony had the camera, so all we've got are shots of the dry stone walling demonstration - which I didn't think you'd be very interested in.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the fun day Sarah

bill said...

well done Derek and Eileen and Julie,
could not fault the judge never ever seen dogs on the table at working shows.
brilliant day out good company and sun burn all around

ha~way the lads !!

dry stone walling....
high lite of the day,come on Sarah

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done to the Makems!

Excellent day, what did it do as soon as we got home, correct, torrential rain.

The judge said he asked the first exhibitors to put the dogs on the table?

Im glad Sarah got the dry stone walling photographs, Jan seems to have wiped out all the ones I took from our camera!

Shes also lost the ones of the wood burning stoves I took, gutted is not the word to describe how I feel at the moment.

Be good, see you soon.

Tina W said...

Well done Derek and Eileen and of course all winners.

Lesley 2 said...

Hi Amanada wow how I am impressed a bedlington winning the terrier racing! You should come to the Fun Day as I know Billy is organising the bedlington racing. So pleased you met Morrice and Genie, and great that Samuel came away with all those ribbons.
The bedlington Gala should be fun there are so many prizes to give away, my dinning rooms looks like a warehouse with all the boxes.

karen said...

I wasnt asked to put my dog on the table and I never questioned this as I thought the judge is the boss and its up to him how he judges, I was just told to do a triangle and staight up and down

enid said...

Well done everyone. Sounds as though you all enjoyed yourselves.
I'm sure you would enjoy the Fun Day, Amanda. Camping is still available.

bill said...

too right Karen,
the judge may allways be right but they are allways the judge.

look at the comotion Mel caused arguing with a judge...made the dog press and everything.
nevr mind the sun made up for everything

bill said...

that was ment to say
the judge may NOT allways be right

AMANDA said...

evening all, where and when is the fun day? i've also got a bedlington x whipet called Millie would she be able to come along to the fun day? amanda samual & millie

Mary said...

Just back from a week in Norfolk, checking the blog - and FAB to see the Makems doing so well......well done Eileen