26 May 2009

Highclere Country Fair


Morrice and Genie meet Stuart's game keeper. (Photo from a mobile phone)  

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AMANDA said...

samual & millie met genie & morrice
at highclere country fair.what gorgeous dogs, unfortunatly stuart had gone before samual won the terrier racing. weather was great for us but was a bit hot for the dogs.samual loved the racing he's only done it at hunt shows before now, in an enclosed arena, but it was across an open field at highclere. the lure was samuals favourite ..... a carrier bag!!!! well it was like a red rag to a bull and he was off! it's a good thing you can't get done for cruelty to a carrier bag, because samual would have been arrested,as
when he got the carrier bag ...yep
he killed it, to the point they had to get another carrier bag.
thinking back samual had a bit of practice before we left home. i had put samual and millie in the jeep and i had to go back indoors for something on my return to the jeep, i found that millie was sat on the back seat with a look on her face as if to say 'i had nothing to do with it mum' and there on the passanger seat was samual with confetti sized bits of
purple plastic everywhere...yep he had found the poo bags well what a mess.if only i had a camera to hand
that would have been one for the calender. also hello to stuart it was nice meeting you on sunday.
amanda, samual & millie