31 May 2009

Hundreds of Photos Were Taken Today At The Fun Day, Here Are Just A Few, Lots More Later In The Week.


John Glover author of "The Working Bedlington " signs my book.


Ready steady and nearly off!

DSC_2892 Jack Bojangles and Victoria win the agility


Parade of the rescue dogs we had 11 rescues at the Fund day, it was just wonderful to see them all so happy and loved!

DSC_3032 Here we have pirates and surfing bedlingtons in the fancy dress


Big Mo is presented with a cake for her 65th birthday

DSC_3035 Grandma Fudge still remembers her dance routine, there is life in the old dog yet!

3581205211_e3f6afa6b28 Dogs passed the KC Good Citizen Bronze Test, congratulations to them.


We ended the day with terrier racing that was so much fun! The dogs really enjoyed playing this game, no problem with this heat in this event, they would have run no matter what the temperature!

That’s it for now folks lots more photos to come later!


mel said...

looks like you had a ball!!! well done victoria and jack!!x

Kerry said...

WE had a great day today thanks to everyone who put this together and well done to all that took part.


julie o said...

glad everyone had a great day and the weather was good

martin and julie said...

We had a fantastic time. A big thank you to all involved in organising and running the event.

Karen Goldsbrough said...

So glad everyone had a great time.
Im dead jealous.

bill said...

it was great to meet John Glover.a very genuine bloke who is a wealth of information about the bedlington,and thanks to him for making the effort at the working end of the funday with a great display.
looking forward to meeting up again next year