31 May 2009

Letter From Our Tricia in America

I am just going to write a short report as I know the blog will soon be filled with photos and stories of your wonderful Fun Day & I can't wait to read the stories and see the photos.
My girls are in the process of getting summer hair cuts with 2 down and 3 to go tomorrow on my day off. The weather is beautiful, sunny, blue skies, warm, with just a perfect breeze....the gnats and misquitoes are quite another story....they are really bad right now and they seem to especially like Amelia! It must be the sweet and sour of her...she is the only one that seems to notice them, but she is a very sensitive girl.
Everyone have a wonderful time today & I will anxiously await all the details of the day.

Thanks Tricia, I certainly caught the sun today my face is bright red this evening! How perfect it would be on the island right now without the gnats, just the thought of them makes me itch! Do send us a photo of the girls in their new summer trim! I expect they will be very pleased to have their coats taken off!


Karen Goldsbrough said...

Hi Trish
Looks like everyone had a fab time on fun day !! Just looking at the photos now.
I'ts Hollys 1st Birthday today but im stuck at work till 5.30 and it's a beautiful day so im fed up being stuck indoors.
We will be taking Holly & Hobie out for a special long walk this evening & then a Pork pie treat.
Well done with your trimming of the girls i did my two yesterday so Holly was nice & smart for today
can't imagine how time consuming it is with all your girls you must just finish the last to start all over again Lol.
Love reading your reports where you live sounds amazing especially the weather although can't complain lately the uk looks so much better in the sunshine it just never seems to last.
Bye for now take care love from me & mine to you & yours.

enid said...

It's a shame we haven't got a time machine and you could have joined us yesterday! We had a really good day.

bill said...

happy birthday holly

Trish it would have been home from home for you at the fun day the weather could not have been better